Love is so unreal. Let's tell your love story through some dreamy images...

Pricing & Packages

Simple session

What is included:

-1 hours session
-75+ photos
- 1-2 outfits changes
- 1-3 locations

$165.00 *Travel fees may apply

Let's go adventure session

What is include?
- 1-2 hour session
-100+ images
- 2-4 outfits changes
- Unique images that no one else will have
-Day of travel
- 1-2 minute highlight lover video



What is the Adventure package?

The adventure package is my absolute favorite! It so much fun going on a little adventure with my couples! My Adventure package includes 1-2 hours session, 100+ photos, 2-4 outfit changes, Unique location, and 1-2 minute highlight lover video! If you are looking to go on a little adventure with your lover and a photographer this is the package for you!

A lot of my clients wonder about the 1-2 minute highlight lover video! The video is one of my favorite parts about the package because it tells your story in a very unique way! The video is perfect to showcase on any social media platform or even at your wedding if you are getting married! This is also amazing way to announce that you two are engaged!

Let's go on adventure!

How long does it take to get the images back?

The turnaround time for the images and video is 2 weeks or less!

*please note that the time of year does effect editing time frames!

Do you offer engagement sessions with any of your wedding packages?

Yes, I offer engagement sessions with all my wedding packages besides the "tiny" wedding package, but a engagement session can always be added to any package!

If you would like more information on my wedding packages please visit the wedding information page!

What a 2020 engagement/Couple brochure?

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