WHy should you add a second photographer to your wedding package?

Here are 4 reasons you should add a second Photographer

Reason 1

You will receive more images from your main photographer. 

Not only will you receive more wedding photos, but you will see different angles and different creative looks on your wedding day. While the main photographer is getting "the shots needed to complete your wedding gallery" the second shooter is getting more unique shots while also backing up the main shooter.

Reason 2

Is the photographer a random photographer hired of Facebook?

Heck no! The photographer that are hired to work alongside Parker go thought a major application process and are trained by Parker himself or by one of his team members. Our second photographers are required to have certain equipment and are trained to be professionals. All of our shooters love working wedding and wouldn't trade it for the world!

Reason 3

Assisting the second photographer during family formals.

Family formals can be a lot of work for just one photographer especially if you have a larger group. Having a second photographer for family formals keeps the formality together and insures that everyone is in the family photo and we aren't missing anyone. Another plus is family formals only take about 45 minute instead of 1-2 hours! At PJ’s Photography we strive to get you back to your party. We want you to have fun and not have to stress about your guest waiting on you. We have all been to one of those weddings.

Reason 4

Backing up the main photographer.

Another important role the second photographer has is backing up Parker. Parker is usually carrying two cameras at all times, but is always nice to insure that there is a 3rd backup onsite. As photographers we like to be as prepared as possible when it comes to weddings. So we are always a step ahead when it comes to backing up.

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