In these challenging times of COVID-19, all the engaged couples are going through a hard time while planning their weddings with their beloved partners due to the mandatory safe measure of social distancing, stay home, stay safe, and traveling restrictions directives.

Do you want your perfect wedding plans to be a living dream while quarantined?

Are you finding it hard to plan your wedding with all the wedding services such as venues and vendors that are out of reach?  

Don’t be disappointed because in this article you will discover the top 7 ways to plan your wedding effectively while quarantined.

1. Check Wedding Postponement Calender.

With this tragic outbreak of Covid-19, some couples might have to postpone their wedding dates. At this time, no one is sure when the global lockdown will end. Go through all the possibilities with your wedding planner and venue’s services about whether you need to reschedule your wedding. However, at the same time, all the couples should stay positively hopeful by making a wedding countdown to embark on the journey of wedding planning from nervousness to excitement.

2. Go Online Wedding Shopping 

Whether you need a bridal dress, beautiful accessories, bridesmaid dresses, décor items, gifts, and more, luckily, many online stores are still offering home delivery of rehearsal bridal stuff and more services for you to try things at home and make your dream wedding real with online shopping.

3. Try Some Fun Wedding Activities While Planning.

Don’t be stressed out while planning all the details of your wedding when there are a million ways to have fun productively for example; order DIYs, learn to dance, do zoom video chats with bridesmaids, learn photography poses, use hair tools to style your hairs, pick out wedding flowers, create wedding playlist, make some fun games for guests and especially kids and last but not the least is the wedding speech.

4. Cocktail Tasting.

According to the tales of cocktail organization, a cocktail is a lifeblood of a good wedding event. Come on we all know how everyone is a sucker for wedding cocktails. Your guests will always compliment your wedding if they can enjoy a signature cocktail that is fresh, juicy, and seasoned. Set up a fun night with your husband-to-be to not only choose a signature cocktail but to keep yourself and your spouse excited about the wedding too. 

5. Make A Guestlist.

Let's be honest, creating a wedding list with your spouse and parents is one of the hardest things you will do while planning your wedding. Well, spare yourself of all the guest listing anxiety while quarantined because now you have more than enough time to discuss the wedding list with your family and spouse through zoom or any other video calling platform. Use free guest list templates, apps, track RSVPs, create a seating chart, get all the guests’ contact details, and avoid last-minute invitations.

6. Choose Perfect Wedding Vendors.

Your wedding vendors will make your big day the best day of your life. Avail this time to browse through google, Instagram, etc, ask your married friends, and family members for suggestions and get the client’s referrals. Based on the wedding venue, choose vendors carefully such as officiant, photographer, videographer, caterers, wedding planner, cake baker, florist, etc.

7. Write Your Vows.

Wedding vows are a big reveal of your feeling on your big day. It can be terrifying when we leave the vows at the last minute. Take some extra time in this pandemic to write your beautiful vows with love and devotion and calmly express your feelings and emotions. Do some research on how to write vows and make your wedding a worth-remembering day for you. 

Thankfully you have the technology that you need to plan your wedding most beautifully during the Covid-19 pandemic. Get the expert’s views on social media, plan your wedding without any stress, and be excited about your wedding day when you will tie the knots with your beloved soul partner.